• Marketing Education That Empowers Business Owners

    Education is a key ingredient for our success and yours! Unlike other social marketing agencies, Serving Social is dishing out our proven strategies to business owners that want to manage their own marketing.

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  • Advice that guides you to marketing success

    Leverage the best the internet has to offer with Serving Social's Marketing Consulting Specialists. We will show you how to maximize your marketing investment with strategic efforts tailored for your specific industry needs.

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  • Take The Stress Out of Marketing

    You wouldn't go on a cross country road trip without a map or game plan. The same goes for your online marketing. Diving in without a plan can cost you. Get started off on the right foot with a branded business strategy from Serving Social.

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Serving Social's Recipe for Success


Serving Social believes, when you can lay out a great foundation, you can then start to build the tiers of your business online. Come find how to get on track with a FREE 30 Min Consultation.


If your marketing is going stale, it’s time to start fresh. We lay out the plans to get your business visible online. For a marketing strategy there’s no better business than Serving Social!


Overwhelmed with managing your business online? You are probably in need of a marketing manager. Serving Social offers just that. We are your in-house marketing managers, without being in-house.

Success Served Daily

At Serving Social, we give entrepreneurs a chance for success in a competitive market. Our mission is to approach all client projects with the same creativity and originality that we've used to separate our business from the other marketing agencies that deliver stale, out-of-the-box ideas. We do so while educating our clients and continuing our dedicated service to community philanthropy programs.


More About Us

Google Business View is a 360 degree virtual tour of your business powered by Google’s street view technology. It provides many advantages for a business such as increased web presence, better brand recognition, and the ability to showcase products. Google Business View allows the customer to get a visual understanding of your business before they walk through the door. It’s proven to serve up a 20% increase in online and foot traffic!

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